French Braids

Inside Out French Braid W/High Messy Bun

French Braids Into High Pony

High Pony Messy Buns

Make your zig zag part sectioning off two pony tails. Turn ponies into messy buns!

Funky Fishtail Braids

K's hair is really not long enough to have done this "do" justice!  But for any of you out there that has longer hair, this is kinda cute!

All we did is start with a zig zag part sectioning off two ponies.  Tie the pony tail off and start a fishtail braid.  Stop partway down and secure with an elastic band.  Use another elastic band about 2 inches down and start fishtailing again!  It gives the pony tail a little different texture and look from the usual.

Low Ponies With Zig Zag Part

This post is from some old pictures! I cut K's hair and we haven't been able to do too many fun creative things with it! I don't know if i'll be getting back into the blogging action or not... Life keeps us too busy to post very often, but I wanted to at least finish posting all the styles we have done!

Hope you enjoy!


Featured Friday Follower: "Adrienne's Do"

I got these pictures emailed to me from my adorable little niece Adrienne! She had an idea in her head of how she wanted her hair done and with her mom's help, they "worked it OUT"!!!!

"She wanted to look really cute for school that day so she told me she wanted braids from the top going down into a ponytail, and then have hair underneath that's not in the ponytail. So I asked her how many braids and she said five (I think cause she is turning 5 soon)."

"When I first did it I did the braids and then pulled all the hair, including the braids, into a ponytail, but she was really mad about that because it wasn't what she wanted."

"So then I tried just putting the braids together and leaving the rest down and I guess that was it, cause she was really pleased about it! We have done that hairdo three times again."

Way to go Adrienne and Rachel!
And, thanks for sharing your awesome creation Adrienne...We LoVe iT!!!!

To the rest of my readers, I would love to feature you and your do's weather it be a redo of ours or one of your own creations...just email your pictures to and we'll get er done! Crissie, I'd still love to feature your dd's with their beautiful curls... I just DoN't feel good about stealing your pictures off your blog... email me the pics you want added and you could be our NeXt featured follower! :)

Have an awesome weekend all, and enjoy that SuNsHiNe!!!!!