Corn Rows Into a Pony

We twisted several sections of hair and secured them with an elastic. We used mini clips to secure the corn rows. Gather it all into a pony tail from their...Curl & Fluff!


"K's" CrEaTiOn

Here is a hair creation created by "K" herself! I think it's turned out to be one of my all time favorites!

She showed me the fancy do she made on her "my size barbie" and asked if I would do it for her on her own hair!
I wasn't too sure how it was going to turn out but this is what we did...

First we pulled all her hair back into one big pony tail. From there I took 5-6 smaller sections from the top of the pony tail and pinned them up with mini hair clips like this...

It was probably a little less than 1/2 of the pony tail that ended up clipped back up onto the head.

Then we curled the pony tail and the ends of the flipped up sections with a mini curling iron. Fluffed it a little and set it with hair spray!
It really was that simple and probably took all of 10 min. from start to finish including the curling!


Help Wanted!

To shower? Or not to shower?
That is the question!!!

So, here is the deal. "K" is turning six in a few days and she is feeling all grown up! This IS a good thing in oh so many ways, however when it comes to bathing/showering that's another story!

She has decided she wants to shower rather than bathe! I would be perfectly happy with this if I felt like she was getting her hair 'clean' enough but of course it's just NOT happening that way! Might I remind you I have 3 boys and then this little girl. So I haven't had to deal with the heavy long hair needing washed in the shower before... With boys you can just throw them in and they don't have enough hair to worry about them missing any of it while scrubbing!

She can scrub the head for the most part, but the length is basically not geting clean and is being turned into a RATS nest! To be perfectly honest with you, I don't know how I am supposed to teach her how to do it 'correctly'

So I have many questions...
The first being:

1. Is she still too young to shower?
2. Do I need to supervise EVERY shower until she finally gets it?
3. Do I just need to relax and let the hair get cleaner as she figures things out?
4. Can ANY of you teach me ANYTHING about teaching a little girl with long hair how to properly wash her locks?

Please don't be shy...I am at a complete loss...Anything is better than nothing!

FaNcY pUllThRoUgH hEaDbAnD wItH a SiDe PoNy

OK... we did this one a LONG time ago, but I really get LAZY and tend to procrastinate when it comes to the explanations! :>

First Section the hair into a front and back section.

Start on either side making one little pony section at a time. (I think we ended up with six sections) After you secure it with an elastic, pull it through/flip it/topsy tail it...what ever you like to call it. Further down in this post, I will TRY to demonstrate how I do my pull throughs.
Continue adding each section to the next and again pulling it through.

Now I'll attempt to show you how we got the pull throughs to look like they did.
Add your pony to the next section, in this picture it happens to be our last section. And secure with an elastic
Next I use a rat tail comb. Poke the tail into the underside of the pony at an angle making it come out in FRONT of your elastic.

Next I twist the ends of the hair i'll be pulling through and loop it over the end of the rat tail like this...Then while holding the end in place, start pulling the comb down toward the scalp and toward the bottom of the pony through the little path your comb made. Like this...
(you may need to pinch the end of the pony tail at this point to help pull it through).

this will pull the ends of the pony tail down through and they should be sticking out of the bottom of it now.
Continue to pull on the pony pulling it taut. It should look like this...

You could leave it like this and be done if you choose. We finished it by connecting the pony to one big side pony and added a flower!


Hope you enjoy! Let us know...

Coming up NEXT...Stay tuned for a hair creation created by "K" herself! I think it's turned out to be one of my all time favorites!

Wispy Buns

We started by sectioning off the front into two little ponys. You can make your part in the middle if you prefer.

Then make two larger ponys adding in the little ones in front.

Then twist the hair and clasp it into a pony tail with a bear claw clasp.
Fluff out your wispys!

We did this with wet hair and added mousse to the ends to keep the wispys seperated. You could also do it on dry hair and curl the ends & then fluff. That would be CUTE!Very simple, very quick!


Gaudy RickRacky Cork Screwed Braid

This one turned out kinda crazy but fun for something different. We started by parting her hair on the side with a zig zag part. We then sectioned off three separate parts and made side ponies out of them.
Split each side pony into two and do the twist/corkscrew braid with each of your 3 little ponies. We added pink and white rick rack to the strands as we twisted them together. Secure each twist braid with an elastic. Braid all 3 twist braids together and secure again with an elastic.