Trailing Puff Braids With Zig Zag Part

I found this one in my archives today...It's pretty simple. If you can't figure it out from the picture and would like instructions, PLEEZE don't be afraid to leave me a comment. I will explain step by step if I need to! Have a good week!


Quarky Crisscross Braids

Make two sections on each side of the head as far back as you want. Then you'll make smaller block like sections within the first two sections. make a twist or braid etc and crisscross. Add the next section and again twist going all the way back.

we added a messy bun in back, but you could leave the hair down and curl or put into two piggies or any other variation you may like.

Mini French Braids

I started with a small section in front going from one side to the other. I then tied it off with an elastic and added it to the next section going from front to back. I parted the hair down the middle and made two sections on each side.

On the side and front braids, I only added hair to the braid from one side which made the braid stand out on top.


Trailing Puff Braids Into Ponies

FIRST off, you'll notice...her hair bows DO NOT match her shirt! This would be because she is 5 years old and of course 5 year olds are always spilling right? She spilled her hot cocoa on her shirt and changed...This hairdo had lasted all day long already and we weren't going out in public so we didn't change the bows... 'nuff said...

Sorry, I'm not the best photographer. I am not a lover of the exaggerated part strait down the middle of the head. Therefore, I will usually do a small section up front before making the part. Like this

Join two sections at the back to make a pony tail or you could make a messy bun...
and repeat on the other side.
It was the end of the day so these ponies are not very tight, but you get the picture!

She was mad at me for some reason...which I can't even remember...that is the reason for the camera shy behavior! Silly girl!


Another Quick 'N Easy

Starting from the front left corner of the part, we made diagonal parts all the way to the back of the hair we had sectioned off. That left a small triangular section that we pulled back in trailing elastics. Then joined the two ponies together and added ribbon

I thought I had matching elastic bands, however I ended up using a couple purple...& I didn't have the time to fix it
This look on her face???
Watching her brothers do something insanely crazy I'm sure!


Monkey Chased The Weasel

I spend my time and energy on the hair not the title...I'm just not creative enough, that's why the title is a little goofy...Ok, ok... a LOT goofy!

I started with a part on the left and added sections as i went around...repeat on both sides and join in the back for a pony tail or messy bun...

In this do, I left the bottom section of hair down. But you could pull it all up if you wanted too.


All Tied Up

Part the hair down the middle.

Section off two small sections on both sides of the part and secure with an elastic.

Make two more sections behind that and secure into place. Take the long strands from the first section and tie them together as if you were tying a shoe and secure them to the second section (I removed the elastic and then added the tied sections to it. This will eliminate the gobby bulky look with your elastic bands).

Repeat one more time directly behind that.

Part the back section and pull into a ponytail or make a messy bun.

Repeat on the opposite side of the head, add your favorite bow and WA LAA!

Simple Cuteness!