BaSiC uP & dOwN dO

First you start with this cute little "down" do... Some days when it's just frigid outside, I hate to pull all of K's hair back, so we'll do something like this...
We did this for Church one week... 9am church=quickest/easiest possible... That would be why the ribbon and elastics don't match her shirt. I'm a little NUTTY about matching!

We also have those days that if you don't pull it back, it's all in the food, the boogers & anything else you can imagine. Thus combining these two hairdo's, we get this...

Very quick, VERY simple!


Boy How Time Flys

I was going through our family pictures, and came across a bunch of "K" when she was a toddler. I couldn't help myself... I had to post them and share! Where does time go??? My baby is no longer a baby!

When she was a baby, she "always" had a bow or headband in her hair.
One day while at the day care, one of the little boys about 18 mo - 2 yrs grabbed her hair bow and pulled it off... It left a bald spot poor baby! I used elmers glue to attach the hair bows because I couldn't get karo or anything else to hold it in place. The glue is actually water soluble and the bows came right out when washing her hair.

She was blessed with lots of thick curly hair!

Simple side part with piggies, I liked useing colored elastics to match the outfit she was wearing... It seemed to add to the hair do!
Notice how in EVERY picture she has a "dirty" face? That's MY girl!

I realize this isn't exactly a "do" anyone would want to try to do and wear out in public, but I loved this pic so wanted to post it anyway! :)

This picture is actually just a bunch of mini cornrolls secured with mini clips

Zig Zag part with piggies...
Again the DIRTY face!

And last but not least 3 ponies to the side

These pictures make me long for the good old days.
Time just doesn't stand still for us does it?


Simple Quickie But Cutie

Princess Crown w/ Butterfly Bows

I saw this on another blog a while back...I can't remember which one. In this picture we did 3 rows. I have also done it with 2 rows and think personally that it looks better with only two rows.


Criss Crossed Braids Into Low Ponies

Part hair from ear to ear then section off into 4 equal sections. Braid each section. Part hair in back and cross two braids to opposite side and secure into a low pony. Do the same on the other side with remaining hair! Finally add your finishing touch with ribbon or bows etc. These are actually buttons I bought at Walmart and strung an elastic through the button holes.

Mini Pullthru's To The Side

Simple & very quick when she wants to wear her hair down...

Mini Pullthru's Into Twisted Updo

I started by Sectioning the front off from ear to ear. I then sectioned this front section into 5 equal parts and finished each with a mini pull thru. Then make a twist at the end of each pull thru have your dd hold each end as you finish or you can secure it with an elastic. (BUT... if you secure each one with elastic, it would look better to take them all out after finishing your last twist and use one elastic to hold all your twists together...I didn't in this picture because we are always in a rush to get Kennedy off to school and didn't have the time to re-do anything. I think the little floof at the top would probably look better too).

Next secure it to the crown of her head with a couple bobby pins

Add a bow or hair accessory of your choice... I am not too fond of the clip we ended up using to finish this off, I said before we were hurrying to get her to school.
And finish the look with a touch of curl on top...
I really want to try this one again soon and get a much cuter result!
Sorry for the messy do, but at least you can get the idea right? ;)


Criss Cross Twist Braids Into Messy Buns

First off let me apologize for the terrible pictures... Some days I can't get a clear picture to save my life.
I started by sectioning off the front and then parting it diagonally, then make two twists.

Secure your twists into a messy bun


Mini Pullthru's W/High Piggy Messy Buns

Ok so I'm NOT like all the other pro mom's who document each step of the process. Not yet anyway, but maybe eventually! For now I am just trying to get pics posted so I will remember some of the cutest do's we've done and try them again.

Sorry it's blurry, it was the best I could do!
I am going to have to invest in a better camera I've decided...This kidd-o is too silly and has a hard time holding still when she knows I'm snapping a shot!