Boy How Time Flys

I was going through our family pictures, and came across a bunch of "K" when she was a toddler. I couldn't help myself... I had to post them and share! Where does time go??? My baby is no longer a baby!

When she was a baby, she "always" had a bow or headband in her hair.
One day while at the day care, one of the little boys about 18 mo - 2 yrs grabbed her hair bow and pulled it off... It left a bald spot poor baby! I used elmers glue to attach the hair bows because I couldn't get karo or anything else to hold it in place. The glue is actually water soluble and the bows came right out when washing her hair.

She was blessed with lots of thick curly hair!

Simple side part with piggies, I liked useing colored elastics to match the outfit she was wearing... It seemed to add to the hair do!
Notice how in EVERY picture she has a "dirty" face? That's MY girl!

I realize this isn't exactly a "do" anyone would want to try to do and wear out in public, but I loved this pic so wanted to post it anyway! :)

This picture is actually just a bunch of mini cornrolls secured with mini clips

Zig Zag part with piggies...
Again the DIRTY face!

And last but not least 3 ponies to the side

These pictures make me long for the good old days.
Time just doesn't stand still for us does it?

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