FaNcY pUllThRoUgH hEaDbAnD wItH a SiDe PoNy

OK... we did this one a LONG time ago, but I really get LAZY and tend to procrastinate when it comes to the explanations! :>

First Section the hair into a front and back section.

Start on either side making one little pony section at a time. (I think we ended up with six sections) After you secure it with an elastic, pull it through/flip it/topsy tail it...what ever you like to call it. Further down in this post, I will TRY to demonstrate how I do my pull throughs.
Continue adding each section to the next and again pulling it through.

Now I'll attempt to show you how we got the pull throughs to look like they did.
Add your pony to the next section, in this picture it happens to be our last section. And secure with an elastic
Next I use a rat tail comb. Poke the tail into the underside of the pony at an angle making it come out in FRONT of your elastic.

Next I twist the ends of the hair i'll be pulling through and loop it over the end of the rat tail like this...Then while holding the end in place, start pulling the comb down toward the scalp and toward the bottom of the pony through the little path your comb made. Like this...
(you may need to pinch the end of the pony tail at this point to help pull it through).

this will pull the ends of the pony tail down through and they should be sticking out of the bottom of it now.
Continue to pull on the pony pulling it taut. It should look like this...

You could leave it like this and be done if you choose. We finished it by connecting the pony to one big side pony and added a flower!


Hope you enjoy! Let us know...

Coming up NEXT...Stay tuned for a hair creation created by "K" herself! I think it's turned out to be one of my all time favorites!