Pippy Long Stockings Braids

We have had NO time to be creative lately! "K's" grandma did this on "K's" hair quite some time ago and it was so cute we decided to repeat it!

We started with a large uneven part. Just a personal pref. Part it down the middle, or give it a side part if you prefer...separate into two sections and braid!

Super Simple

Super Fast

Super Cute...

"K" liked it so much she wanted to do it "everyday." This is a do she will often ask for!


Kristi said...

She looks so cute with those braids!

Merynne said...

I love these cute, simple braids... and a lot of you other styles! I am adding your blog to my links. I don't know if I have invited you before, but here's my blog again:)
Thanks for the great hair ideas!

Audrey said...

very cute. I actually love this hair! I have something like it on my blog, way cute easy and simple.


Peggy said...

Hey Linnae! I just added your button to my page. I just thought I would tell you that you need to adjust your text so it says http:// before the kennydos.blogspot. It wouldn't work for me when I copied and pasted and then Matt said to try adding that text and it worked! Super cute hair do by the way!

Kenny Do's said...

Thanks Peggy, Sherri kept telling me it wouldn't work when she tried to add it, but it worked for me every time I did it so I couldn't figure it out... Thanks for the tip!

Walkers said...

This is a super simple, fast, cute hairdo. I think even I can handle this one!!

Suzie said...

Cute ideas! I'm putting a link for you on my blog!

Mindy said...

Always cute!

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