How To:
I had someone ask me how I get each section of a puff braid to "stand out"
So I did some messing around and this is what I came up with...

On the right side of the pictures I held a sectioned strand straight up and fastened the elastic right in the center of that section, then continued adding sections...each section was held straight up, I added each section and secured elastics in the "center" of each section...

On the left side of the picture I fastened the elastic at the "back" of each section and "didn't" hold each section straight up. Instead I held it in the direction I wanted it to lay. Notice the appearance of each is hugely different depending on where you position your elastic! Cool eh?

The left side seems to lay a little flatter. It looks a little cleaner and neater to me, while the right side is puffier and seems is a little less "snug" to the head.
Same view, a little different perspective

I keep each of my sections pulled tight.
This is what makes each section "stand out."

To tighten a loose section:
Seperate the strand into two pieces (top/bottom) the top piece should be the hair from the strand you just connected into the next section. Bottom piece should be the section you just added to.

Hold the top piece tightly while pulling down and back on the bottom piece. This will pull the hair in the section taut and make each section "stand out."


maelwaedd said...

That really works. Thank you!

And may I compliment your daughter on letting you make a tutorial like that? :) Mine would screech at me.

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